When you visit a London Escorts Make sure you Read Her Body Language

Body language is an essential part of communicating and flirting. You’d have a lot of difficulty getting through life without it, so the more you understand about it the better.

When we see someone who we find attractive, our bodies tend to adapt subconsciously. Just to show that we’re ‘King of the Jungle’, we stand taller, lift up our chins and puff out our chests a bit. If a woman is interested, she will cock her head to the side, flick their hair and show body parts that suggest they are submissive and vulnerable such as their necks or wrists. One thing that you can’t control is your pupils dilating; this will undoubtedly happen when you fancy someone. escort in london  are very attractive . If you want to find out if someone is interested from a distance, the best method is by eye contact. If she holds your gaze from across the room, looks away then back again, you’re in there. Return your interest by holding her gaze. If she gives you a coy smile, it’s a cert! Just make sure she isn’t looking at you with an odd expression – that might just mean that you have something on your face!

Women tend to touch their hair or fiddle with accessories when they’re flirting. She will accentuate her best body parts – crossing her legs of she’s sitting down or tilting her hips if she’s standing. Once you’ve engaged her in conversation, she will show her interest by finding excuses to touch you. according to this london escorts agency It usually starts with brushes on the arm or shoulder, with a touch on the hand or waist being more intimate.


If she wants you and finds you interesting, a woman’s body will point towards you. For example, if her legs are crossed, her knees will be pointing at you. This also gives her the opportunity to flash a bit of thigh if her skirt rides up. If she’s leaning or facing her body away from you, she isn’t interested in taking things any further.

We tend to subconsciously mirror the position of people we are in tune with. If she seems to move when you move and sits or stands in a similar position to you, it’s a good sign.

The next time you hire one of the beautiful escorts in London, watch for her body language to see if she’s got the hots for you! You might just be lucky…