Usa Today Sports’ Nightengale Unveils His Award Winners


He leads the baseball world with a 9.1 WAR (Wins Above Replacement). Donaldson is right there with him, hitting .307 with 24 homers and 92 RBI and is second with a 8.1 WAR. The standings say: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers third baseman. He and Donaldson are the only legitimate MVP candidates whose teams will be in the postseason. What I say: Cabrera, who will win the batting title again with a .350 average, and leads the league with 137 RBI along with a mind-boggling 1.092 OPS. Simply, when you’re the greatest hitter in the game and lead your team to division titles, you deserve the MVP. *** NL MVP The numbers say: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman. He’s winning two-thirds of the Triple Crown, leading the National League with 35 homers and 123 RBI, while hitting .304. The standings say: Yadier Molina, catcher, and Matt Carpenter, second base, St. Louis Cardinals. Carpenter is putting up the best numbers by a Cardinals second baseman since Rogers Hornsby. Molina, considered the greatest defensive catcher since Johnny Bench, is batting .314. What I say: Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder. McCutchen, carried this team on the field and in the clubhouse. He aired out his teammates, telling them mediocrity would no longer be accepted, and batted .319 with 20 homers, 82 RBI, 181 hits and 94 runs.

CEIA USA Unveils Leading-edge Solutions, Extending The Reach Of Metal Detection Applications With Industry-first Innovations

These detectors include the compact CEIA PD140N, the wide search area CEIA PD240 and the industry’s first longer range hand-held metal detector the CEIA PD240C. Elliptic Heavy Duty Walk-Through Metal Detectors. These portable, multi-zone detectors are expressly designed for higher volume security checkpoints that screen a large number of people in a limited amount of time. Both provide superior detection of a full range of metal threat items while offering cutting-edge discrimination technology for personal metal items. Featuring the exclusive CEIA elliptical column design, these detectors offer extremely versatile visual and acoustic signaling capabilities and enable security personnel to have a clear view of individuals passing through the detector. They can be assembled in a few minutes and offer IP65 weather resistant protection. Both detectors are featured in recent reports from The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) that show how CEIA metal detectors improve fan experience while maintaining consistent and reliable people screening ( ). These detectors include the CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD and CEIA 02PN20/EZHD. New High Performance Walk-Through Metal Detectors. Offering extreme flexibility and outstanding immunity, the new CEIA SMD600 Plus is the first metal detector in the market that is suitable for high sensitivity applications (fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 standard) and high throughput applications (thanks to its high discrimination)As a result, it can be utilized in a variety of situations from the inspection of visitors to that of inmates in a top-security check-point. (Photo: ) These solutions continue CEIA’s commitment to provide customers with products that meet or exceed the most recent and stringent security industry standards. CEIA USA at ASIS 2013 CEIA USA will showcase these products in booth 3301 at ASIS 2013, held September 24-26 , at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.