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Spotlight on First Nations at TIFF

Nonetheless, thanks to a few great moments of scene work and a hint of cultural criticism, Iron Man survives to see a new day, and sell more product. Special DVD/Blu-ray features include Deconstructing the Scene, Marvel One Shot, Iron Man Unmasked, deleted scenes, gag reel and more. UNFINISHED SONG: Three stars out of five a Heas a quiet curmudgeon and sheas a saint who likes to sing. With such a reliable formula, all you need is a few tears to moisten the mix, and youave got a neat little ramekin of genre pudding. Unfinished Song is easy to swallow and void of awkward lumps. It even nourishes the soul at some base level thanks to the superlative performances from the highly laurelled cast that features Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave as the aging couple, and Gemma Arterton and Christopher Eccleston as the youngsters trying to help in their own way. Though it feels like a cross between The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the 2007 documentary about a seniorsa choir, Young@Heart, the filmas undeniable sincerity is bound to win you over. Special features include outtakes and deleted scenes. AMONG FRIENDS: One and a half stars out of five a Low-budget horror movies crawl around the DVD release list like so many cockroaches angling for a Twinkie crumb, and Among Friends is a great example of the average slasher looking for your attention: a cheesy mix of fake blood and amputated limbs punctuated by a lot of screaming and close-ups of pretty girls with runny mascara. What makes Among Friends a little bit different is the fact it was directed by cheapo horror veteran Danielle Harris a an actress whoas been maimed, tortured, raped and ritually killed on screen several times over. Harris gets some female payback with this story of a high school reunion where the party guests are drugged, bound and eventually forced to atone for past sins a including standing by while a mutual friend was raped at a party. If only there had been a little bit more bone with all the blood, this could have been special. Sadly, itas all clichA. But at least itas short.

20 Movies I’m Most Excited to see this Fall – Part 2

I used to sit up late, compiling stupid lists of my most anticipated movies of the summer. I used to run out and buy all the summer movie preview magazine issues. I even played box office games with friends. Eventually, when I started writing for film, I tried to ensure that my summer movie preview stories were the ones that received the most hits because, you know, it the biggest movie season of the year. But as Ive gotten older, things have gradually changed. I find myself more interested in seeking out the serious, dark, and prestige pictures instead of the fluffy explosion-fest crowd-pleasers. I find myself more excited for a three hour mood piece made by a Danish director starring the fourth lead in The Dark Knight instead of the latest J.J. Abrams blockbuster. Maybe its because Im getting older or maybe its just that my tastes are maturing. Perhaps its just that Ive grown weary of watching the same narrative play itself out over and over and over again. I mean, theres only so many times one can watch two robots blow each other to smithereens. Anyway with that out of the way, this fall offers a dazzling array of films to choose from. Along with the usual crop of Oscar contenders, there are also flashy genre pictures from some of the most respected art house auteurs in the world. So, goodbye Michael Bay, Marvel and J.J.

Critics What makes TIFF unique? Spotlight on First Nations at TIFF TIFF filmmakers share their dream celeb meetings Because getting down on one knee is so last century and because everyone hates flash mobs, YouTube user joewak a.k.a. Joe Wakim made a video instead. For his proposal, he put himself in a selection of his girlfriend Rebeccas favourite movies and the result is pretty great. And yes, she said yes. According to the website When Geeks Wed , Joe spent a lot of time on the proposal. He told the site, The actual editing and compositing took a few weeks or so, but then I had to watch all of her favorite movies looking for cuts that I could use. So all together, including filming, maybe a month. Of course, this sets the bar for inventive proposals even higher than it already is. In a couple of years you wont be able to ask for anyones hand in marriage without the Russian Army Choir singing Skyfall while riding unicorns . Top News

Make movies that help in social transformation: President

He was speaking Tuesday at the four-day centenary celebrations of Indian Cinema, organised by the government of Tamil Nadu and South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. Mukherjee said that cinema is a popular and powerful medium of communication. The number of cinegoers in country is very large. It is, therefore, essential to strike a balance between entertainment and social responsibility of this medium, said a statement. President Pranab Mukherjee called upon the film industry to make movies that contribute to social transformation. “The recent incidents of crime against women and children have shaken the conscience of the nation. We have also been witness to tragic communal riots in some parts of our country recently. We must find ways to reverse the erosion of our values,” said Mukherjee, who honoured 41 legends from various film industries at the event. “Cinema can and must play a role in resetting the moral compass of the nation. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with the film industry to use the powerful medium of cinema to portray our positive societal values for building a tolerant and harmonious India,” he said.