New York Film Fest: Weekend Highlighted By ‘llewyn Davis’ Premiere, Star-studded Charity Concert

Inside Llewyn Davis One - H 2013

“Police, Adjective” depicted the mundane drudgery that is much of police work — standing for hours on cold street corners, filing reports, avoiding meetings with superiors — while underscoring the protagonist’s doubts about his work and the people he targets. That same style, however, does not translate well to Porumboiu’s latest, in which a film director, Paul (Bogdan Dumitrache), and a supporting actress, Alina (Diana Avramut), are juggling rehearsals and intimacy. As anyone who has spent time on a movie set can attest, film production can be as mundane and drawn-out as undercover police work, but the director’s shooting style only magnifies the schism between the characters without illuminating their attraction. The long-take camerawork is used successfully to comical effect as Paul blocks a scene with Alina, in which her character supposedly overhears a conversation from another room after stepping out of the shower. The precision he demands as they debate the consequences of the smallest action — How long must she blow-dry her hair? Can she actually hear characters in the other room, or is she reacting to a memorized script? Does she brush her dress angrily or thoughtfully? — is also a test of their relationship’s boundaries. With Paul’s state of mind being so fragile (as is his health) in the middle of a troubled shoot, the tension that slowly accrues between himself and Alina, unfortunately, does not build to a great insight into relationships, method acting, or the possible doctoring of medical videos (which may or may not represent the key dramatic moment of the film). The film’s dual title suggests ambiguity; the director has stated that calling his film “When Evening Falls on Bucharest, or Metabolism” leaves one suspended between two states, just as the characters themselves are suspended in a state of not-knowing. Unfortunately, “not-knowing” can be pretty unsatisfying — even for a moviegoer hungry for naturalness and truthfulness — when the drama ends as if the camera had just run out of film. It also might have helped if the director hadn’t rejected one of the most elemental and powerful parts of cinema’s vocabulary: the reaction shot. “When Evening Falls on Bucharest, or Metabolism” has not been rated, but features adult situations. No U.S.

our editor recommends New York Film Fest: New Chief Explains 2013 Picks (Q&A) Llewyn Davis had its world premiere at May’s Cannes Film Festival, where it was awarded the Grand Prix. It then resurfaced earlier this month at the Telluride Film Festival, where the Coens and executive music producer T-Bone Burnett — with whom they teamed on The Big Lebowski (1998), O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), The Ladykillers (2004) and now this film — received a special tribute. And, on Saturday evening, it arrived in Gotham, with almost all of the creative team responsible for it on hand to take a pre-screening bow: the Coens were joined by Burnett, associate produer/singer Marcus Mumford and stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, F. Murray Abraham, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky, among others. (Justin Timberlake was unable to attend as he is on tour in London.) At the end of the film, the tough New York audience offered it a strong round of applause. PHOTOS: New York Film Festival 2013: 13 Movies to Know But the major fireworks were saved for Sunday evening’s sold-out concert, a portion of the proceeds from which will benefit the National Recording Preservation Foundation. I’m told that the idea for it was initially raised by Burnett and the Coens — who previously put together a concert tour for O Brother — and that it was then quickly coordinated by the film’s super-producer Scott Rudin, CBS Films co-president Terry Press, CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves and Showtime chairman and CEO Matt Blank. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine that any other “pseudo-event” could have done a better job at raising awareness of and sparking excitement about the upcoming film than this event, which sold out the 1,500-seat Town Hall venue in less than 12 minutes. (Among those in attendance were Zooey Deschanel, Jesse Eisenberg, John Gallagher, Jr., Bennett Miller, D.A. Pennebaker, Paul Rudd and Edgar Wright.) The three-and-a-half hour event, which was essentially emceed by a wise-cracking Goodman, featured performances of original songs that are heard in the film and of other tunes from the early sixties that inspired them, performed in an order that reflected the evolution of the folk genre. It boasted an eclectic but first-rate lineup of musical talents, ranging from sixties music icon Joan Baez to seventies music icon Patti Smith to “Justin Timberlake’s understudy” Elvis Costello to numerous singing sensations of today, including Mumford, The Avett Brothers, Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Lake Street Drive, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, Lake Street Drive, The Milk Carton Kids, Conor Oberst, Punch Brothers, The Secret Sisters, Dave Rawlings Machine, Willie Watson, Gillian Welch, Jack White. They were joined on-stage by the film’s own Isaac (humble but confident and capable), Mulligan (nervous despite singing well on-screen in Shame and Llewyn Davis), Driver (every bit as odd and amusing a performer off-screen as on) and Stark Sands. The audience seemed to eat up the entire evening, and this audience member thought was nice not only to hear such beautiful music, but to see performers of different generations demonstrate such respect and admiration for one another and one another’s music. During the concert’s after-party, dozens of guests quickly gravitated toward an outdoor patio, where 72-year-old Baez and some friends were singing and dancing together for pure pleasure.

New York City’s tech industry saved it from worst damage of 2008 financial collapse: Bloomberg Philanthropies

By Annie Karni / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, September 30, 2013, 12:28 AM A report commissioned by Mayor Bloombergs foundation says tech and info firms, such as Viacom and Digg, helped the city avoid the worst damage of the 2008 financial collapse. Related Stories Wanted: An education reformer The city’s tech industry, with Mayor Bloombergs support, helped prevent the worst damage of the 2008 financial collapse at least according to the mayors own philanthropic foundation. The tech and information industry which includes Internet startups and app developers, as well as old media companies like Time Warner and Viacom was responsible for a third of the jobs created in the city since 2007, according to a new report commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropies. After the financial collapse of 2008, it was predicted that New York . . . was going to have a deep recession and a weaker recovery than the national economy, said Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist for the Progressive Policy Institute and the author of the report. The big surprise here is it has outperformed the national economy by a significant amount. Social media news aggregator Digg was launched in 2004 and is headquartered in New York City. Private-sector employment declined by 3% nationally between 2007 and 2012, but it increased by 4% in New York City, Mandel said. And the growth of the tech industry in Brooklyn has outpaced the rate in tech hubs such as Austin, Tex.; Seattle; Cambridge, Mass., and Silicon Valley, according to the study, Building a Digital City. RELATED: NYC AIR IS THE CLEANEST AMONG AMERICAN CITIES In addition, the tech sector which employed 262,000 people in 2012, or 8% of the citys workforce comprises well-paying jobs. The $30 billion in wages earned by New York techies constitutes 11% of the citys private-sector income. Chris Hondros/Getty Images Viacom, also headquartered in New York, is the fourth-largest media conglomerate in the world. San Francisco and Silicon Valley were the birthplace of the industry with West Coast universities serving as midwives but New York City has the creative capital to feed the next phase of the tech boom, experts said. RELATED: IPHONE 5S RELEASE: HACKERS TRY TO CRACK SMARTPHONE’S NEW SECURITY SYSTEM The first boom in the last decade was essentially infrastructure companies, explained Andrew McLaughlin, CEO of Digg and Instapaper. (But) now, people want to create content, which requires more creativity and communication and New York is well-situated to dominate that wave.

New York & The Affordable Care Act

All health plans offered in the health care exchanges must meet federal quality standards, but states do have discretion in how their exchanges are organized. New Yorks exchange will be state-operated as part of the existing New York State Department of Health. Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Under the ACA, small business employers with fewer than 50 full-time workers, or full-time equivalent workers, will not be required to offer health insurance to their employees. (Check here for a definition and calculator to determine who qualifies as a full-time worker.) However, the ACA encourages many small business employers to provide health insurance by offering small business health care tax credits. Many smallbusinesseswere already offering health insurance packages to their employees before the ACA was passed and signed into law. These plans are accepted, or grandfathered in, under the ACA. For smallbusinessowners who wish to change their coverage plans, or for those who did not offer health insurance before the new law, the ACA establishes the Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP. SHOP allows employers to compare and shop for quality insurance plans side by side for their employees.New York small business owners may access SHOP through New Yorks health insurance exchange. New Yorks health insurance exchange New Yorks health insurance exchange, officially named the New York Health Benefit Exchange , will contract with private health insurance providers as an Active Purchaser. With this model, the state will select plans and negotiate premium prices. An alternative to this model is the Open Marketplace Clearinghouse model, which allows all insurers with qualified plans to compete in the state exchange. New York State is also soliciting bids from insurers for stand-alone dental policies to be included in the exchange offerings. Uninsured New Yorkers who are U.S. citizens or lawfully present immigrants are eligible to participate in the exchange.