Horror Movies Uncut Friday October The 11th

According to the analysis, novelty in sci-fi has declined essentially since the genre first made it into movies. Its possible that this has to do with early science-fiction films codifying the major tropes seen in these movies. Another part of the analysis seem to correspond to theories put forth by social scientists about how much we enjoy novelty in creative works, said Sreenivasan. In general, humans enjoy new things. More specifically, theres a tendency for people to look at and like things that are new but not too new. If its way out there, its hard to palate, said Sreenivasan. And if its too familiar, then it seems boring. A model known as the Wundt-Berlyne curve illustrates this result. The amount of pleasure someone derives from a creative piece goes up as its novelty increases. But at a certain point, there is a maximum of enjoyment. After that, something becomes too unfamiliar to stomach anymore. Using the revenue generated by different films as a measure of its mass appeal, Sreenivasan found that more novel films sold more tickets until they reached a score of about 0.8.

PBS.org can quench your Downton Abbey craving, or you can let your kids get their fill of Bert and Ernie from a selection of rotating videos on SesameStreet.org . Likewise NBC , CBS , and Fox all have limited content to view for free right on their sites. New episodes usually don’t have a long shelf-life, though. Networks often take them down within a few days, and not every show is available online for free. So this method of watching specific shows on their sites or their network’s site only works for series that you follow actively and plan to watch within a few days of a new episode airing. There are other ways to get hot episodes and recently released movies, though, but it’ll cost you. Specific Shows and Movies (Paid) When you’ve exhausted your free options and can’t find the specific television show you want to watch (in a legal way), you can turn to either a la carte services or subscriptions. Here are some of the best. iTunes (the software is free; prices for content vary) is one of the most best sources for single episodes as well as season packs of thousands of television shows for a few dollars. You’ll often see an option to rent content to save a little bit of money. When you buy television episodes or movies through iTunes, you can download them and watch them offline, which is good to know if you want to save a video to an iOS device and watch it while on a flight without having to pay for Wi-Fi. You can watch iTunes content on any device that can connect to your Apple account. Amazon Instant Video (free for service; prices for content vary) is the other giant in this space, and it offers a similar service. You can buy single episodes and movies for just a little money.

If it wasnt for the return of a sneaky unseen Chucky doing most of the killings. Overall I enjoyed Curse of Chucky and think you should pick it up as a great horror treat for the month of October. 3/5 SHIVER – Read my review for Shiver here. I really enjoyed the role portrayed by John Jarratt. He is the best reason to watch Shiver as we see in full glory the madness of a serial killer. The killers name is the Gryphon and Danielle Harris is his next conquer. Shiver is another in a long list of good slasher that have hit horror fans in the past year. even though the film starts of slow give Shiver a chance as i think the performance of John Jarratt will sneak up on you. 3/5 NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR- Slash of Guns and Roses fame has lept into horror with the first film under his Slasher Films company Nothing Left To Fear. The film tales the story of a family that has moved to Stull Kansas said to be a gateway to hell. What they dont know is the town has invited this family as an official sacrifice to keep the demons at bay. Wasnt a bad film just a story that seemed to repeat itself. The execution of the story was well done but towards the end you are waiting for a something more dramatic to occur but there is a slight letdown. Still a very watchable film and not a bad start for Slasher Films. 2/5 STATIC- Static is one of those films when you watch it it does not seem like a great film, but at the end you get it.