Hollywood A-list Turns Out In Force For China’s Version Of The Oscars

MACAU In the latest example of Chinas rising entertainment industry clout, a bevy of top Hollywood stars took part in the countrys Huading Awards show in Macau Monday night — an event virtually unknown outside of Asia until now. our editor recommends PHOTOS: Portraits of Nicole Kidman: An Oscar-Winning Actress’ Second Chapter in Indies The show was carried live for Chinese audiences by Beijing-based online streaming video service LeTV. According to the founders and producers of the Huading Awards, Beijing-based media company Global Talents Media Group, the show will reach a projected audience of 800 million when it is aired during a delayed broadcast next week on 67 local and provincial TV stations across China. Asked by The Hollywood Reporter backstage why he decided to attend the event, Tarantino quipped, I was invited and it sounded like a lovely event. And who would pass up an award that was given to them by 800 million Chinese people that would be a real selfish bastard. A live gala awards show roughly akin to the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys and the Grammys all rolled into one with a strong Chinese twist the event dishes out awards to talent from all fields of entertainment, from stage theater to film, pop music to TV and even traditional Chinese opera. Other Hollywood names in attendance included Sam Worthington, Jeremy Irons, Mathew Perry, Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), Booboo Stewart (Twilight, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Avril Lavigne. STORY: Hollywood Stars to Attend China’s Version of the Oscars Sources close to the event say awards show veteran Don Mischer, who was hired by Global Talents to advise on the show as a consultant, was instrumental in securing the Hollywood presence. Mischer has produced or directed three Academy Award shows, two Olympics opening ceremonies, several Super Bowl halftime shows and the 2009 Obama Inaugural Celebration in Washington, D.C. In a pre-show chat with THR, Mischersaid Global Talents has ambitions to take the HuadingAwards to Los Angeles in the summer of 2014 and he is in ongoing discussions about working with them on a U.S. edition. He described Mondays show as a first step in bringing the Hollywood and international arts community into the Chinese event. The stars understand that this is a huge market and they are brands, Mischer said. This is an opportunity to reach that new market, which supposedly is going to be the number one market in the world soon — theres no question that people in our business want to connect to the audience here. Ill go wherever the work is and wherever the people [who watch films] are to say thank you, said Worthington, who remains a major star in China, thanks to Avatar, still the highest grossing film in the country ever, at $221.9 million.

Hollywood Film Festival Unveils Shorts Lineup

8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –The Hollywood Film Festival’s Executive Director Jon Fitzgerald has announced the 23 short films chosen for competition at the annual fest, which kicks off its 2013 season on October 18th at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. With the establishment of new programs, themes and events, Fitzgerald will enhance the mandate of “bridging the gap” between established Hollywood and the film industry, an original mission of the Festival now in its 17th year. The shorts film programs have been grouped by genres and themes many of which connect back to the Celebrate Hollywood and CineCause Spotlight. Docs Exploring Culture all offer a rare glimpse into our culture, past, present and future. (Asia One, Do Not Duplicate, Sleeping with Suri), CineCause Youth and Consequences embrace kids as the future, how we treat them, teach them and respect them will have a direct impact on all of us, for better or for worse. (Children Next Door, School’s Out, Slave Queen), Narrative Dependency focuses on complicated relationships and for the heroes in this program dependency proves difficult to overcome. (The Bright Side, Cash for Gold, Home, Six Letter Word), European Film Showcase Transitions offers change as a good thing, but as we see with these characters, their next chapter is full of surprises, some more rewarding than others (Avant Que De Tout Perde, The Golden Bough, Wannabes), Family Growing Up is all about children and coming of age. From superpowers to imagination, role playing to fighting off bullies, it’s all part of the package. (Learning to Fly, Lucy, The Scenes, The Swimmer), Animation Adaptation showcases Science achievement and medicine which often converge to push the boundaries for living creatures and their environment (The Collector’s Gift, Day 6011, Feral, Rescue, Vengeance+ Vengeance), Student – Identity Crisis highlight stories about identity. Are we honest with ourselves, and with each other? Who, or what, do we love? (Iris, Home, Josephine & the Roach, Paulie) Shorts and Feature filmmakers will have an opportunity to participate in the new Hollywood Network program, sponsored by FilmLA; a series of round table discussions between independent filmmakers and Hollywood industry professionals. “The industry is always looking to discover emerging new talent,” says Fitzgerald. “Hollywood Network gives both Filmmaker and Executive the opportunity to meet and form relationships through a festival experience.” This is yet another step in HFF efforts to “bridge the gap” between established Hollywood and the global creative community, an original mission of the festival. Selected Industry Participants include: Producer Laura Bickford (Traffic), David Dinerstein along with reps from: Gravidi, Paradigm, Showtime, Preferred Content, CAA, and Chill. In addition to the onsite opportunities for Arclight audiences to get involved with the causes reflected in the CineCause films, a unique video App Gravidi ( http://gravidi.com ) – that offers users hot spots to learn more about projects and related causes, with a donation platform, will support the shorts and features highlighted in the CineCause Spotlight ( http://www.causecinema.com ). Gravidi, Inc.

Deadline Hollywood’s Long Island Film Bureau Heads West Next Month

I watched my three children grow up and was there for every significant moment. I coached their soccer teams; I made every game, saw every dance recital, attended every school play, put money under the pillow for every lost tooth. I cant say how many times I would tell an agent or studio executive to hold on while I reeled in a fish on the boat. I always felt I was getting away with something. My oldest daughter is 23 and lives in Boston, my son is busy at college and my youngest is a self-sufficient high school junior consumed with her cross country time. It feels like a good time for a new adventure. All these years when I took week long LA trips by myself, Id pack in 30 meetings and go all hours, a pace I will do my best to replicate. More face time will do me good, as will the motivation to shed the 40 or so pounds Ive gained since I joined Deadline and started filing up to 15 stories per day. At Daily Variety, notching three front page stories and one on page 3 was a great day. Here, you often do that by lunch and its a lot of stress and that is the downside of working at a home with a stocked fridge. I put that boat in a dock space around Memorial Day, and didnt turn the engine over once this summer. Too busy. But Im not complaining. I love this real time game a lot better than the 20 years I spent at Variety gathering, writing and polishing stories so I could tell you tomorrow what I knew today. This is more visceral, and way more fun.