Here’s One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey + Ed Sheeran As Sloths — Yes, Sloths! (photos)

Someone painted Ed Sheeran as a sloth!

Get it? Sloths are slow? We can’t tell you how many times we’ve thought, “If only we could see our fave pop stars rendered as cartoon sloths, life would be complete!” (What? We have unique fantasies.) Luckily, someone has made our dreams come true — an artist by the name of “Sh**ty Watercolour” drew One Direction , Taylor Swift , Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran AS CARTOON SLOTHS! OK, we know what you’re thinking: “Um, why sloths and not something a little more cuddly, like, kittens or puppies or koalas or pandas or bunnies or ducklings or meerkats?” (OMG, have you ever seen a meerkat up close? SO cute!) And our answer: Because sloths do not have enough representation in the media, and the Internet must remedy this grave injustice. The end. Bye. #SlothsAreTheNewCats Check out more adorbz sloth celebs after the jump. I knew you were trouble when you slothed in! (Sorry, sloth jokes never get old.) An 18-year-old British artist, Sh**ty Watercolour enjoys painting sloths as much as he does celebs, explaining that: “Sloths have a certain personality and charm to them that I love to paint.” (BTW, you can check out some of his funny YouTube videos detailing his work and process.) Lana Del Rey was clearly born to sloth. Not only does the artist get the charm of sloths, he also NAILS each pop star’s personality. (I mean, Lana Del Sloth? LOL forever.) However, we do have two major critiques: 1.) Taylor Swift’s should be giving the Swifty (Sloth!) Surprise look because, obvs, and 2.) Harry Sloth-les should be shirtless because, duh. Ed Sheeran’s red hair pretty much makes for the cutest sloth EVER! Ed’s sloth should be shirtless, too.