Guess Who Has Rolled Out A Food Truck?

Four Seasons PA - Kids at Food Truck

What’s it there for? TRACZYK: The mold’s there for several different reasons. We use mold, it’s a benign mold that you see on most salamis. It’s most often a bright white color. If you’re going over to Italy, France, you might see some stuff with a little varying color differentiation, but we buy freeze-dried mold cultures and we actually inoculate them and put them onto the salami during the fermentation step. And what that does is there’s three different things that mold helps with. One is it outcompetes any harmful molds from growing, so we want a benign, the proper type of mold to grow on that salami, so no harmful molds do. And during that process too, that mold actually raises the – takes the acidity, you know, kind of away a little bit, so if you’re at like a 4.0 pH, by the time that salami finishes, that pH comes up a little bit to give it a little more pleasant flavor instead of being, you know, quite so like tangy. The third thing it does is it’s kind of an extra layer besides the casing the casing to kind of help ensure that that salami’s going to dry out evenly, so it doesn’t dry out really rapidly on the outside and in effect it would rot from inside out because there would be nowhere for the moisture to go. FLATOW: Let me ask you, John. I have a plate of cheese here I understand that you invented this cheese. It’s your own cheese. What do you mean? How do you invent cheese?

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The Four Seasons, a luxury resort chain known for its deep-pocketed clientele who appreciate the good life, joins the food truck revolution — at least for two months — as its mobile kitchen travels 1,000 miles to serve eight Four Seasons’ properties. ARCHIVES: Food truck fad comes to fine hotels hawking restaurant fare The journey began last week when the FS Taste Truck pulled into the Four Seasons’ Palo Alto resort. The mobile eatery parks in San Francisco until Sept. 29, and then continues on in California to Santa Barbara (Sept.30Oct. 6), Beverly Hills (Oct.7Oct. 13), Los Angeles (Oct. 14-Oct. 20), and Westlake Village (Oct. 21-Oct.27), followed by Scottsdale, Ariz., (Oct. 28-Nov. 3) and Santa Fe, N.M.

13 Flickr: szapucki You know what I love? Sour gummy candy. You know what I hate? Feeling like I’ve just chewed on glass for two hours straight. 12 These are probably made of plastic, let’s be honest. 11 Chocolate and peanuts are both delicious. Somehow these manage to be completely unremarkable. 10 Guys, there is a time and a place. Just come on. 9 Even people who love Whoppers will admit that they are really strange. 8 Flickr: stu_spivack Okay. A hot dog is the most meal-like thing anyone should be eating in a movie theater. 7 You can’t really mess with a classic.