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They also age slower, get more lucky, and tend to get away with stuff that would send you and me up the river for life. For some stars, however, the perks of being in the public eye pale before the rush that can only come from driving a high-powered machine at breakneck speeds. In honor of these brave souls, we present a look at five celebrities for whom racing is a passion unmatched by anything the silver screen can offer. Steve McQueen Racing is life, said McQueens character in the film Le Mans. Everything else is just waiting. This attitude was mirrored in the movie stars real life devotion to motorsports. In 1970 he came in 3rd in the grueling 12 Hours of Sebring, failing to win first place by a scant 23 seconds. Paul Newman This actor won fame in 1979 when he came in second at Le Mans on his first try. In 1995 he became the oldest driver ever to win the 24 Hours of Daytona. George Lucas Had it not been for a near-fatal crash in his teens, Lucas might have gained fame for his racing ability, rather than his insanely popular popcorn flicks. In 2007 he got behind the wheel again, competing in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Guy Fieri If youve never heard of this dude, then youve never seen the Food Channels hit show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. In it, Fieri crosses the country in a 67 Camaro trying out funky little eateries. Also an auto nut, Fieri drove the pace car at this years Indy 500.

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Bourke-White had the akinetic form of the disease, characterized more by stiffness and difficulty moving than by the familiar arm and leg tremors. The 1950s wasnot a time for open discussion of serious diseaseswhether by celebrities or ordinary citizens. Cancer, for example, was a hush-hush affair. In many instances, doctors even tried to conceal the diagnosis from their patients. Patients were also reluctant to reveal the diagnosis of Parkinsons, which caused increasing immobility, helplessness and, in some instances, a type of dementia. Seeking to counteract this trend, the National Parkinson Foundation was founded in 1957, but it was Bourke-White who took the disease out of the shadows. Famous Ladys Indomitable Fight was the title of the prominent article and photo spread that appeared in the June 22, 1959 issue of Life. Not only did Bourke-White reveal her diagnosis, but also that in January of that year she had undergone a controversial experimental operation to try to alleviate her symptoms. Chemothalamectomy involved drilling a hole in a patients skull and injecting alcohol onto a portion of the brain known as the thalamus. Damaging these cells, her neurosurgeon, Irving S. Cooper, believed, could dramatically improve her mobility.

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The communication tips are excellent. There is an exhaustively detailed section on how to structure a presentation. Hatcher also covers verbal and non-verbal strategies. At the same time, there are entertainment analogies woven throughout, and there is even an exercise based on monologues from famous movies. You wont feel like youre reading a dry training manual even though youre getting great training tips. Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe On the flip side, Rob Lowes Stories I Only Tell My Friends (St. Martins Griffin, 2012) is an autobiography and not at all an advice book. It was fascinating to read a first-hand account of movies from my tween and teen years (the chapter on The Outsiders really brought me back). Yet, there are career lessons to be gleaned amongst the intrigue and insider view of Hollywood. When Lowe writes about his preparation for The West Wing auditions, I wanted to hold that example up for my job seeking clients on how exhaustively they should prepare for their own job interviews. Reading about the difficulties that Lowe encountered personal and professional and what support and strategies he used to persevere are inspirational and informative even for the non-actor (even an A-list celebrity has low points!).

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We celebrate Kate, on the one hand, because were reluctant to part with princess fantasies and, on the other, because with her high street fashions and former commoner status, we like to think she is just like us. In reality, both women are everything and nothing like us, and the way we relate to them depends entirely on whether we like what we see. Its tough work being an archetype. In these Lean In times, we search, across blogs and broadsheets, for an ideal mother (replete with perfect children in tow) to mirror our own identity as modern-day superwomen. But when these highly visible mothers disappoint us by frumpy appearance , selfish work schedule , or some other flawit triggers our own shame and frustrations as parents. It reminds us of the perilous balancing act and suggests we really cant have it all, do it all and be it all to everyone at least not all at once, all the time. When our celebrity mothers fail, we do too because we dont recognize the boundaries between ourselves and them. In times when were depleted, exasperated, overextended and overwhelmed by the considerable demands of parenting, we relate to them as the fantasy maternal figures of our dreams. We dont bond with them as real mothers, so much as we expect them to replicate or reflect on ourselves. I say we because Ive mommy bashed with the best of them. When Peaches Geldof dropped her baby but not her cellphone on the sidewalk, I laughed hard enough to risk postnatal incontinence probably because, deep down, she made me feel better about my own tech addictions (hell, I was reading it in between spooning mashed banana into my babys mouth). I roll my eyes at any and all mention of Gwyneth Paltrow denying her children carbs because her super-wealthy (I mean healthy) lifestyle highlights a hilarious division of wealth that has at least as much to do with my own insecurities about my familys nutrition versus my earning power. What Im saying is: I read about these women mostly so I can feel better about me, so I can be assured Im bringing my kids up right or, at the very least, that Im not screwing things up as epically as somebody else. Given the current narcissism epidemic , thats a little too self-serving for comfort. And so in this time of historic and much-hyped bay-beeeees, I am swearing off sneaking peeks into celebrity prams. Im off to find a more realistic self-image and a better way to neutralize my maternal guilt.

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Yikes! I’ve been pressed into umpiring a charity match with Rainn Wilson, Jason Biggs, Monica Seles and Chris Evert a little bit of drama backstage @JasonWu #nyfw Thank You London for the hospitality, it was a true memory debuting my ARTPOP music in such a wonderful place. Me and Fozzi watching scary movies He looks like a real life stuffed animal the spot Just another day in the life. #idgaf RAP GAME 4TH GRADE FAMiLY PORTRAiTS VERSACE DiNNER So nice to see fellow theater geek @AnaGasteyer visit our humble little set. This is us being pensive about our matching shirts. Sly and I are having a great time working with our director @mr_huge here in Bulgaria. It’s about to be a problem @jfreewright @ericklarayharvey @hbo #boardwalkempire #sept8th Backstage secrets from @ProjectRunway with @Zac_Posen and @ImNinaGarcia another brick in the wall Official “Sorry” cover art. Available for download on iTunes Sept. 17th!! Who’s ready?! Some things never change.. #NYFW In honor of NSYNC…The only evidence of the brief period in which I had FROSTED TIPS.

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Any drama we didn’t see on the show? Maybe I took it too seriously. I mean, I was in it to win it. Ludo was a fantastic competitor. The fact I got to kick it with the other hosts was great. Thankfully I wasn’t as rebellious as Bourdain. PHOTOS: 22 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants: The Hits and Misses Do you think youll get much traction with Herringbone? I’m fortunate enough that I was on TV, and people pay attention to that stuff. Whether they come to love or hate, they’re still going to come. We’ll do dinners with other local chefs and have some fun. I think what’s going to be more important is treating it like a stand-alone restaurant in an iconic hotel and not just a hotel restaurant. It’s a convenient location. It’s stunningly beautiful. It’s going to feel like you’re in a great neighborhood restaurant in an iconic hotel.