Catch Up With 2013’s Biggest Movies On Your Day Off

Kumawood movies are destroying the Akan culture – David Dontoh

20) Ron Howard’s Formula 1 drama casts Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl as, respectively, James Hunt and Niki Lauda, two of the sport’s greatest competitors. The film, which is also due to bow at the Toronto International Film Festival, opens wide on Sept. 27. “Baggage Claim” (Sept. 27) Paula Patton stars in this rom-com about a flight attendant looking for love. Bonus: Seth Cohen Adam Brody as her outlandish confidant. “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2” (Sept. 27) Tying up all the loose ends from part one. “Don Jon” (Sept. 27) Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut is a funny and poignant look at relationships in the age of instantaneous gratification. (Also, porn.) Tony Danza, Julianne Moore and a scene-stealing Scarlett Johansson all co-star.

In as much as you are telling a story, don’t forget that there is always two sides of the coin. There is always day and night, you understand? So if you are shooting a movie and wants to show the bad side of the person, compare it to the good side of the society, so that the person watching will now be able to make sensible logic of what you are doing by weighing the two sides. But you don’t show only the bad side and make it look like that is how everybody or everything is, no! That is wrong. That is why I am saying that the Kumawood films, most of them are rather destroying not the film industry, but the Akan culture, the Ghanaian culture and then all those things! Touching on the crew behind Kumawood movies, Mr. Dontoh thinks Kumawood film makers don’t use professionals. Unfortunately, they are not using the right people who know how to make the film well in making those films. That is why in as much as they are destroying our culture, they are also destroying the industry because they are not using the universal film language in making the films. Mr. David Dontoh heaved a deep sigh of relief as he brought his submission to an end. Just 3 weeks ago, Ghana’s promising actor Ekow Smith Asante also said similar things Mr. David Dontoh has said in the voice recording Flex newspaper have in our possession. Ekow said the Kumawood movie makers ignore everything that makes a good movie and only pay attention to the story lines based on themes like witchcraft and others, which people in Asankragua, Sefwi Wiaso, Yaw Wiaso and the rest love to watch. Smith-Asante’s comments, made on Joy FM’s Rhythms A2Z, were originally targeted at the producers of the Kumawood movies; whom he said were only passionate about making money and not developing the creative arts. He definitely bit more than he could chew when he said the target market for those inferior movies are people who do not know jack about lighting, sound, good acting and other things and are also not ready to learn.